John Burke, RCIC
John  Burke, RCIC
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John is a graduate of York University in Toronto, Ontario and a Full Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Prior to starting his own Immigration Consulting practice in 1996 John spent twenty-nine years with the federal public service in the department now known as Service Canada/Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (“HRSDC”). During the last half of his career with HRSDC John functioned in the capacity of “Senior Consultant: Foreign Worker Policy and Procedures” for the Ontario Region. In this role John was instrumental in the development of Foreign Worker Policy, Procedures and Operational Guidelines at both the Ontario Regional and National levels. In addition to providing advice and guidance to Senior Management and Employment Center Managers and staff, John was directly involved with employers, employer associations and trade unions. One particular example was his direct involvement with senior corporate executives in the successful establishment of the Honda, Toyota and CAMI (GM/Suzuki joint venture) automobile manufacturing plants in Ontario.

Since leaving the Public Service in 1996, John has functioned as a Senior Immigration Advisor to several prominent Immigration law firms in Toronto in addition to operating his own Immigration Consulting practice. Currently, he serves as a Senior Immigration Advisor to the ``Immigration Team`` at Pace Law Firm in Etobicoke.

John is a Licensed Canadian Immigration Practitioner who has more than thirty-five years of experience dealing with complex employment and employment-related immigration issues in the public service and in the private sector. Currently, John operates his practice from Richmond Hill, Ontario where he specializes in Canadian temporary entry and employment-based immigration matters, including Service Canada (HRSDC) Applications; Work Permits; Study Permits; and, Temporary Resident Visas.