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Seminar name ICCRCBarreau du QuébecLSUCLSUCLSBC
ValidityValidityProfessionalism hoursValiditySubstantive hoursValidityValidity
Lost family dependents330-9-2017        
Representing client in detention review hearings34-10-2017        
Two perspectives on Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications 34-10-2017        
Combined event: Detention and H&C64-10-2017        
Medical Inadmissibility: Fight or flight?618-9-2017        
IMEDA Mentorship series: Assessment – the first step to success1.517-10-2017        
Au-delà de la simple représentation625-10-2017        
Crafting excellent immigration submissions722-9-2017        
Your clients and CBSA38-9-2017        
Loss of status - permanent and temporary316-10-2017  0.2512-8-20172.7512-8-2017  
Family members - the small print322-9-2017        
Refused. What now?218-8-2017        
Le nouveau programme des travailleurs temporaires330-9-2017        
The world of IRCC (CIC) and our role in it35-8-2017        
In home caregiver program - interpreting the changes    0.2524-11-20171.7524-11-2017  
International students in Canada33-9-2017        
Natural Justice, Administrative Law and the Federal Court from the perspective of a non-lawyer310-9-2017        
Developing a transitional plan for LMIA applications429-10-2017        
Internal coding - understanding the ATIP reports37-8-2017        
The power and danger of H&C applications63-9-2017  0.7511-4-20185.7511-4-2018  
Teaching moments: The best and the worst63-10-2017      631-12-2017
Goodbye, 2015...another year gone    18-12-20186.58-12-2018  
Not so simple sponsorship331-10-2017  0.512-8-20182.7512-8-2018  
Gestion des dossiers soumis au MIDI37-8-2017        
From PR to citizenship and beyond610-10-2017        
Méli-mélo immigration 2015723-8-2017        
Les résidents temporaires au Québec5.53-10-2017        
Understanding the new BC PNP business program329-8-2017        
IRCC Authorized rep portal - friend or foe?36-9-2017        
The face of immigration - Express entry310-8-2017  0.2518-11-20172.7510-8-2017  
Caregivers - to do or not to do310-8-2017      317-1-2018
LMIA - first vs. repeated application37-9-2017      331-12-2017
Perfecting an LMIA application511-8-2017      531-12-2017
LMIA exempt work permits322-9-2017      331-12-2017
Ontario PNP35-10-2017      331-12-2017
Application for rehabilitation33-1-2018      331-12-2017
Everything you need to know about spousal sponsorship418-10-2017      431-12-2017
Authorization to return to Canada34-8-2017      331-12-2017
The best interest of a child34-8-2017      331-12-2017
Immigration support for international students419-8-2017        
Temporary residents in Canada 20166.56-8-2017      6.531-12-2017
Le périple des étudiants étrangers326-8-2017        
Programmes d'immigration pour les gens d'affaires 219-10-2017        
Business immigration under the BC PNP416-9-2017        
The rocky path to permanent residence6.523-9-2017      6.531-12-2017
Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur les travailleurs étrangers38-9-2017        
The mystery of Canadian citizenship623-9-2017      631-12-2017
Caregivers - work permit and permanent residence4.528-10-2017      4.531-12-2017
What's the deal about eTA?220-8-2017      231-12-2017
Express entry - we continue to learn324-9-2017      431-12-2017
Crystal ball with Richard Kurland        331-12-2017
Effect of Kanthasamy on H&C applications315-10-2017      331-12-2017
History of case law affecting immigration practice315-10-2017      331-12-2017
My application is sent. What happens now?220-10-2017        
Goodbye, 2016... A year of hope74-9-2017      731-12-2017
Les réfugiés au Canada: ce n'est pas terminé!321-10-2017        
Kanthasamy and H&C; Owner-operator LMIA45-8-2017      431-12-2017
Canada's immigration world after Kanthasamy25-8-2017        
Owner-Operator LMIA25-8-2017        
Méli-Mélo 20166.528-8-2017        
Express entry new rules214-10-2017        
LMIA applications - lessons learned422-8-2017        
The temporary aspects of permanent residence618-9-2017      631-12-2017
Residency appeals at the IAD3.517-10-2017      3.531-12-2017
Spousal sponsorship appeals at the IAD317-10-2017      331-12-2017
Express entry - eligibility, admissibility and immigration programs614-8-2017      631-12-2017
From International Student to Permanent Resident319-9-2017      331-12-2017
The Trump Effect: Turning to Canada's Immigration Program310-9-2017      331-12-2017
Permis de travail pour gens d’affaires au Québec32-10-2017        
Avoiding, dealing and overcoming misrepresentation320-9-2017      331-12-2017
Perfected application and the life of a case320-9-2017      3.531-12-2017
Combined event: Perfected application and Misrepresentation620-9-2017        
Expérience internationale Canada222-8-2017        
Crystal ball with Richard Kurland and Ron McKay324-8-2017      331-12-2017
LMIA and the underlying principles326-9-2017      331-12-2017
Immigration Essentials: Misrepresentation          
Immigration Essentials: Anatomy of an IAD Appeal          
When everything else fails          
Is your client criminally inadmissible?          
ICCRC Audit Compliance - September          
Unconventional clients          
Immigration Journey of International Students          
Méli-mélo immigration 2014          
Quebec immigration at glance          
Skilled Temporary Foreign Worker Programs in Canada and the United States          
Exigences documentaires du MIDI          
LMIA exempt work permits - what has changed          
Travailleurs étrangers et regroupement familial          
Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur le regroupement familial