How to claim CPD hours

In person attendance
IMEDA team will provide a list of attendees who participated in an event in person to those regulatory bodies who accredited the event (if they require it and/or accept it). If you attend a seminar or workshop in person, you won’t have to do anything to claim your hours.

Webinar attendance or watching a recording
If you attend IMEDA event by a webinar, you will need to comply with the rules of your regulatory body. Members of ICCRC have to submit the CPD_Reporting_Form Certification form.

Presenting at IMEDA event
If you are a presenter/speaker/workshop facilitator, you will be able to claim CPD hours for your activity from your regulatory body. Always check with the appropriate body. IMEDA will provide you with a letter confirming your participation, number of hours you presented and the event in which you presented.