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Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 17:30 EST see it in calendar

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LSO 0.3 Professionalism

CICC 3 CPD hours

LSBC 3 CPD hours


Pace Law Firm300 The East Mall
M9B 6B7

Capacity: 18



LMIA Phase
- Program requirements for the Category B of the GTS for highly skilled foreign workers in the ESDC’s Global Talent Occupations List
- Requirements of the Labour Market Benefits Plan (LMBP) and pitfalls to be aware of
o Focusing upon committed activities (qualitative vs. quantitative)
- Protocols and negotiations with ESDC relative to the finalization of the LMBP and protecting an Employer client’s interest
- Housekeeping tips to ensure compliance and Employer client’s ability to meet 6-month milestone check-ins

Work Permit Phase (POE, CPC or Consular filings)
- Comparable R10 requirements of application to ensure expedited processing
- POE requirements for visa-exempt FWs (including eTA requirements)

Ethical issues

- Managing client’s expectations – how to avoid inadvertently committing clients to activities that are not achievable; how to avoid overpromising
- Advocacy - when to let the client take the lead and what to do in a support role as a “guidance counsellor” during negotiations with ESDC
- How to protect client’s interests in dealing with ESDC while thriving for a favourable outcome
- Conflict of interest in dual representation
- Who is the client?


3 hours

regular fee - $ 90.00




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