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Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 09:00 EST see it in calendar

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  • in English
CPD hours

LSBC 3.5 CPD hours

CICC 3 CPD hours


Pace Law Firm300 The East Mall
M9B 6B7

Capacity: 18


Perfected application and the life of a case

    About the Immigration policies and outlook
    Trends and changes
    Audience participation on their views and experiences
The perfect client intake
    Detailed questionnaire to understand client’s particular situation (Intake)
    Strategy design - once you have the bigger picture, start filling in the details
    Thoroughly review eligibility requirements
    Go through the checklist of what is required
    Assess if client is cooperative
    Ask the right and specific questions
    Double check to ensure you have covered everything
    Follow-up periodically with client

Life of a case
    Preparing the actual application
    Paper and/or Online
    Completion of forms
    Submission of documents
    Follow-ups, tracking and reporting
    Being proactive

Case studies (Study permit, Sponsorship, TRV, PR card)

Wrap-up and recap
What did we learn today?
    What resources should you refer to?
    Common mistakes and issues
    Other helpful tips in submitting an application:
       -    Thorough
       -    Common sense
       -    Structure
       -    Evidence
       -    Informed
       -    Communication


3 hours

regular fee - $ 90.00

No CPD - 50% discount





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