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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 13:00 EDT see it in calendar

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LSO 0.75 Professionalism

LSBC 6 CPD hours

CICC 6 CPD hours


Hart House, University of Toronto7 Hart House Circle
M5S 3H3

Parking: $ 15 per day. Credit card or coins. Pay at the pay machine. Short walk from TTC.


Statutory authority for right to enter and remain in Canada
Residency obligation - basics of s28, exemptions, H&C, caselaw
Renewing PR cards - basics, advanced practice tips, tricky scenarios
Criminality - basics of s36 (what can cause loss of PR), Criminal Record Suspensions, Rehabilitation
Misrepresentation - basics of s40, case law, 5 year bar
How is permanent residence lost? S.44 reports, discretion, admissibility hearings
Right of appeal - s63 and 64 IRPA
When does permanent residence formally cease?
Status while appealing a removal order
Temporary PR cards while appealing
Returning to Canada without a PR card
Relinquishment of permanent residence - when to consider it, how to do it
Ethics - understanding the client's needs, assessing the merits of the case, knowing all options before advising, duty of candour to client and government, how to handle a client's past misrepresentation


6 hours

regular fee - $ 180.00




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