All about registrations

You will be able to register for a seminar after you create an account at the IMEDA website. The account is important for both you and IMEDA. For you it means that you will have all the information about seminars you attended in the past at your fingerprints. You will be able to verify the number of CPD credits you obtained by attending IMEDA seminar (this number will reflect the number of CPD hours purchased, not watched!); you will be able to print your payment receipt.

Once you have created your account, you will receive a verification email – please make sure that you check your spam box if you don’t receive the email within a few minutes. You must verify your email in order to activate your account. If for whatever reason you cannot locate the activation email, please send us an email at office [at] and we will activate it our side.

If you start by ordering a seminar, you will be taken to the registration page where you will be asked to enter information that is relevant to the objective of the registration – to give us enough information to provide the services we offer.

Now you have your account and you can order any seminar that is open for registration. You will be able to register your colleague or your employee in the same transaction. If you are registering someone who does not have an account with IMEDA yet, you will be asked to provide the relevant information before you can register that person for a seminar.

Before you register, please read carefully ALL the information that is available on the seminar page. You will see in the right top corner information about the fee – if you are ordering well ahead of the seminar, you may be able to save up to 15% of the regular fee. However, if you are ordering the seminar less than one week before the date of the event, you will have to pay late fee penalty that may be up to 15% more than the regular rate. This applies to in-person events only and is designed to help us plan the events.

We sincerely hope that we made the process simple and transparent. If you feel that something could work better, please do not hesitate to let us know – find a link to Feedback in the footer of our website and send us an email with your suggestion or complaint.

What happens if I have to cancel or postpone an event?

IMEDA has a 5 calendar day cancelation or change of event policy for in-person events. Cancelations received and confirmed within the prescribed period will be refunded or, subject to your confirmation, credited to a future event. This credit never expires.

You may cancel or change your registration directly on the website after you login into your account. A written confirmation will be sent to you immediately as proof.

What if I paid for an event that is postponed by IMEDA?

In the event that IMEDA postpones an event, registrants at the date of registration have the choice of either a credit to a future event or a full refund. If you opt for the credit to a future event, this credit will never expire. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled event, you are welcome to send a substitute person, free of charge. If the substitute person does not attend the event, no refund or future credit will be made by IMEDA.

What if I paid for an event that is cancelled by IMEDA?

In the event that IMEDA cancels an event, payments of registrants at the date of cancelation may either be credited to a future event or refunded. If you opt for the credit to a future event, this credit will never expire.

I registered on your website but never received the activation email. What should I do?

First, check your spam box – the email from may have been moved there by your email software. If that is the case, please ensure that the address is added to your address book to avoid future complications. Google and Hotmail routinely block email addresses for no obvious reason so you may have to ask them to whitelist the domain.

If you don’t find the email in your spam box, send us an email and we can activate the account on our end.

Will you provide refreshments during your seminars?

Yes, most IMEDA in-person seminars will include refreshments. Some seminars will be of a 2 hour duration. As such, we will provide only coffee and water; however, we will offer a light breakfast for seminars held in the morning. Afternoon and evening seminars will include a snack and coffee, tea and water. If you have life threatening allergies, please notify us at the time of your registration - we will make sure that you will be given only food that you can handle. 

Will you offer seminars in the French language?

Yes. Most of the seminars organized in Montreal will be held in French. Most of the seminars in the rest of the country will be offered in English only.

Will all your seminars be approved for CPD?

No. We will offer several seminars dedicated to practice management. These seminars will not be approved for CPD by ICCRC. Other regulatory bodies may have different criteria and it is your responsibility to find out what they are. Whether a seminar is eligible for CPD credits is always clearly noted on the website. You will also be able to see the number of CPD credits you earned by attending IMEDA seminars in your account.

Why do you need all the information you ask for during the registration process?

We ask only for information that is necessary to provide you the services you ordered. We need your up-to-date contact information so that the payment receipts show the correct information. We need to know your professional affiliation so that we know where to report your attendance. We don’t need to know your age but we do need to know your gender. Why? So that we don’t call you Mr. if you are Mrs. in our correspondence, for example.