IMEDA Immigration Education Alliance values your privacy and will always act to ensure that it is protected. Government legislation requires organizations to have written privacy policies. Our privacy policy applies to all personal information collected and stored in the IMEDA database. A regular backup of all data stored on the website will be stored in the central IMEDA computer.

What personal Information does IMEDA collect and use?

IMEDA uses and collects personal information about registrants, presenters, venues and other service providers who are vital to a successful execution of an event.

If you attended an event, you may have provided IMEDA with your credit card information, food sensitivities, disabilities, and special needs during the registration process. You provided us with your contact information, for example your name and address, telephone number, Email address, and your professional affiliation.

Does IMEDA disclose personal information?

IMEDA does not sell or trade personal information. We maintain up-to-date client contact information to market our products and services directly to individuals; however, the information is not disclosed for any purpose other than to update addresses.

The collected information is shared on a strictly need-to-know basis. For instance, the fact that you might have purchased an advertisement will not be known within IMEDA except to those staff members who are required to know this information. Similarly, only certain employees have access to personal information about food sensitivities for meeting preparation and catering purposes.

We will disclose your name and email address to the provider of IMEDA webinars to ensure that you are informed about the webinar access.

How secure is your personal information?

Your credit card information is NOT stored on the IMEDA servers. All payments are processed through secure and an encrypted payment gateway provided by the merchant services provider.
All personal information is stored on a secure part of the IMEDA website and is accessible to you and to those employees who need the information to provide you the services you ordered. Every reasonable effort has been made to maintain the strict confidentiality and the safety of all information provided.