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Seminar name ICCRCBarreau du QuébecLSUCLSUCLSBC
ValidityValidityProfessionalism hoursValiditySubstantive hoursValidityValidity
Crafting excellent immigration submissions        71-1-2020
Family members - the small print        331-12-2019
The power and danger of H&C applications    0.7529-7-20225.7529-7-2022631-12-2019
Teaching moments: The best and the worst    1.512-11-20195.2512-11-2019631-12-2019
Not so simple sponsorship    0.531-12-20192.7531-12-2019331-12-2019
LMIA - first vs. repeated application        315-3-2020
Perfecting an LMIA application        517-2-2020
Application for rehabilitation        330-8-2020
The best interest of a child    0.59-6-2020  327-9-2020
The rocky path to permanent residence        6.531-12-2019
The mystery of Canadian citizenship    0.7527-10-2020    
Effect of Kanthasamy on H&C applications    0.519-10-2020  331-12-2019
History of case law affecting immigration practice        38-3-2021
Kanthasamy and H&C; Owner-operator LMIA        47-11-2020
Owner-Operator LMIA        27-11-2020
LMIA applications - lessons learned        422-2-2021
The temporary aspects of permanent residence    0.754-5-20245.254-5-2024631-12-2019
Residency appeals at the IAD    0.519-4-20202.519-4-2020  
Spousal sponsorship appeals at the IAD    0.519-4-2020    
Express entry - eligibility, admissibility and immigration programs    0.515-5-20205.515-5-2020  
Avoiding, dealing and overcoming misrepresentation    0.531-12-2020  331-12-2019
Combined event: Perfected application and Misrepresentation    121-6-2020521-6-2020  
LMIA and the underlying principles        327-6-2021
Professional Responsibility issues in immigration    116-8-2020216-8-2020  
Combined event: Professional responsibiilty and Port of Entry problems    0.516-8-2020    
Writing submissions to win. Or lose?    0.511-9-20205.511-9-2020  
Specialized knowledge and significant benefits        328-4-2020
Recognizing, dealing with and overcoming medical inadmissibility    0.58-11-20205.58-11-2020  
The nightmare of "sufficient ties"        1.514-3-2020
Are we done yet? Changes in Citizenship Act    0.55-2-2022    
When no LMIA is needed    0.2517-1-2022  231-12-2019
The pitfalls of international students' immigration path        331-12-2019
A role of a heart in immigration system    1.513-2-2022  331-12-2019
Finding the right tone with IRCC    0.57-3-2022  331-12-2019
Immigration issues for non-traditional families    0.514-3-2022  331-12-2019
Global talent stream    0.315-3-2022  32-12-2019
Global Skills Strategy    0.7518-4-2022  431-12-2019
A deep dive into the Trade agreements    0.54-4-2022  32-12-2019
A crime is a crime. Or maybe not.        631-12-2019
When your client is Canadian business - LMIA based WP        331-12-2019
When your client is Canadian business - LMIA exempt WP        331-12-2019
Combined event: When your client is Canadian business        631-12-2019
Immigration 101 - Covering the basics        226-9-2020
Immigration 101 - Material fact and Misrepresentation        226-10-2020
Immigration 101 - Basic concepts in Family sponsorship        230-11-2020
Immigration 101 - Section 25 of IRPA        221-12-2020
Series: Immigration 101 - The basics        826-9-2020
Immigration 101 - Applications - Visitor visa        37-12-2020
Immigration 101 - Applications - Family sponsorship        319-4-2021
Children in immigration process        231-12-2019
What's new with BC PNP?        231-12-2019
Combined event: BC PNP and Children in immigration process        423-12-2019
Is your client going out of status?        318-5-2020
The pitfalls of international students' immigration path 2        32-12-2019
Use of work permits for business immigrants        34-5-2020
Immigration 101 - Applications - Study permit        31-3-2021
Immigration 101 - Applications - Work permit        315-3-2021
Series: Immigration 101 - Applications1227-10-2019      1219-4-2021
How does it all tie together...         37-4-2020
The Big Little Lies        37-4-2020
Family class from a different perspective628-12-2019      626-5-2020
Biometrics for Canada        212-4-2020
Elements of H&C application34-1-2020      331-12-2019
Challenging medical inadmissibility411-1-2020      431-12-2019
Discretionary power in immigration law        331-12-2019
Crystal ball and much more69-11-2019      631-12-2019
LMIA - Which way do I go?         331-12-2019
Mastering LMIA for caregivers        331-12-2019
Demandes d’EIMT : Soyez à la hauteur pour conseiller les employeurs319-10-2019        
Le PMI et les principales dispenses d’EIMT22-11-2019        
Immigration 101 - Basic concepts in family sponsorship R        231-1-2020
The magic of Adobe Acrobat        115-3-2020
The latest about parental sponsorship        231-12-2019
Goodbye, 2018 - We shall overcome        71-1-2020
Immigration 101 - Material fact and misrepresentation R32-1-2020      221-2-2020
Immigration 101 - Section 25 of the IRPA R22-1-2020        
Series: Immigration 101 - Covering the basics R        86-3-2021
Undeclared family members - the H&C case210-11-2019      231-12-2019
Rehabilitation and deemed rehabilitation        310-7-2021
Permanent residency - obligations and exemptions210-11-2019        
IMEDA for Calgary        420-12-2019
IMEDA for Edmonton        321-12-2019
Goodbye, 2018 plus bonus seminar on parental sponsorship        911-1-2020
Mastering the refugee system - Part 1        317-7-2021
Mastering the refugee system - Part 2        324-7-2021
Mastering the refugee system - Part 3        331-7-2021
Mastering the refugee system - Part 5        34-9-2021
Mastering the refugee system - Part 4        328-8-2021
Marijuana and DUI in immigration process423-12-2019      431-12-2020
Temporary resident permit to overcome criminal inadmissibility323-12-2019      331-12-2020
Business immigration - what's out there for your client? 313-1-2020      317-4-2020
Self-employed immigration        317-4-2020
Crafting effective immigration submissions6.512-11-2019      6.515-5-2020
Lonely Canadian        312-6-2020
Mastering the refugee protection system Series        154-9-2021
Saving lost family members - R117(9)(d)        312-6-2020
Get ready to submit 2019 interest to sponsor        225-1-2020
Soyez prêts pour le parrainage de parents et grands-parents.         224-1-2020
Cannabis et conduite avec facultés affaiblies  331-3-2021      
The elusive self-employment category322-12-2019      326-3-2021
Marriage of convenience421-10-2019      423-4-2020
Administrative tribunals and their role in immigration318-11-2019      321-5-2020
Caregivers' interim path to permanent residence        229-12-2019
Réadaptation présumée ou réadaptation ?316-12-2019331-3-2021      
Interdictions de territoire et l'article 25 de la LIPR2.521-10-2019231-3-2021    2.518-2-2020
Francophone Mobility programs outside of Quebec323-10-2019      320-5-2020
PNP options for international students310-12-2019      37-7-2020
Work permits and transition to permanent residence under International Trade Agreements311-12-2019      38-7-2020
Preparing and Submitting a Successful TRP application        319-4-2020
Applications Made Under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds        219-4-2020
Le monde de l'immigration après Kanthasamy310-12-2019        
Caregivers in Canada - the plot thickens        317-4-2020
Immigration francophone hors Québec317-2-2020        
Responsible business growth - retainer agreements  38-7-2020    38-7-2020
Privigration (Privacy and Immigration)315-1-2020      325-1-2020
Permanent residents - Rights, obligations, loss of status, appeals          
Consequences of criminality on permanent residents (FRENCH)          
Smooth sailing with NAFTA          
Temporary residents in Canada          
Immigration Essentials I          
Immigration Essentials II          
Toolbox - Fundamentals of Immigration Practice          
Lost family dependents          
Immigration Essentials: Misrepresentation          
When everything else fails          
Representing client in detention review hearings          
Is your client criminally inadmissible?          
Medical Inadmissibility: Fight or flight?          
Bringing Parents to Canada: Mastering the Process and Avoiding the Pitfalls          
ICCRC Audit Compliance - October          
ICCRC Audit Compliance - September          
IMEDA Mentorship series: Assessment – the first step to success          
Unconventional clients          
All in the family - Avoiding the pitfalls of family immigration stream          
Venture-Capital and Self-Employed Immigration          
Immigration Journey of International Students          
Au-delà de la simple représentation          
Your clients and CBSA          
Loss of status - permanent and temporary          
Refused. What now?          
Le nouveau programme des travailleurs temporaires          
The world of IRCC (CIC) and our role in it          
Méli-mélo immigration 2014          
In home caregiver program - interpreting the changes          
Dealing with Quebec update requests          
International students in Canada          
Natural Justice, Administrative Law and the Federal Court from the perspective of a non-lawyer          
Developing a transitional plan for LMIA applications          
Internal coding - understanding the ATIP reports          
Quebec immigration at glance          
Goodbye, 2015...another year gone          
Express Entry - Working through the Maze of Change          
Crystal ball time with Richard Kurland          
Crystal ball time with Richard Kurland          
Skilled Temporary Foreign Worker Programs in Canada and the United States          
Exigences documentaires du MIDI          
LMIA exempt work permits - what has changed          
Gestion des dossiers soumis au MIDI          
From PR to citizenship and beyond          
Méli-mélo immigration 2015          
Les résidents temporaires au Québec          
Understanding the new BC PNP business program          
IRCC Authorized rep portal - friend or foe?          
The face of immigration - Express entry          
Caregivers - to do or not to do          
LMIA exempt work permits          
Ontario PNP          
Everything you need to know about spousal sponsorship          
Authorization to return to Canada          
Immigration support for international students          
Temporary residents in Canada 2016          
Le périple des étudiants étrangers          
Programmes d'immigration pour les gens d'affaires           
Business immigration under the BC PNP          
Travailleurs étrangers et regroupement familial          
Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur le regroupement familial          
Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur les travailleurs étrangers          
Caregivers - work permit and permanent residence          
What's the deal about eTA?          
Express entry - we continue to learn          
My application is sent. What happens now?          
Goodbye, 2016... A year of hope          
Les réfugiés au Canada: ce n'est pas terminé!          
Canada's immigration world after Kanthasamy          
Méli-Mélo 2016          
Express entry new rules          
From International Student to Permanent Resident          
The Trump Effect: Turning to Canada's Immigration Program          
Permis de travail pour gens d’affaires au Québec          
History of our profession          
Perfected application and the life of a case          
Expérience internationale Canada          
Crystal ball with Richard Kurland and Ron McKay          
CBSA, Port of Entry and our clients          
Family - spousal sponsorship and adoption          
Performing artists          
Interdiction de territoire pour motif sanitaire : vaut mieux prévenir que guérir          
Applications for Criminal Rehabilitation and TRP          
Canada : pays d'asile. Enjeux et défis d'une demande          
Dealing with visa offices around the world          
Interdit de territoire: votre client pourra-t-il revenir au Canada?          
L'Entrée Express, pas sorcier sauf que...          
Pièges et obstacles à éviter aux dossiers travailleurs qualifiés Québec          
Parrainages conjugaux: qui, quoi, comment          
Méli-Mélo 2018          
IRCC, ESDC, CBSA, PNP – finding the right tone          
LMIA - Compliance audits          
Alberta PNP - Opportunity Stream          
How does it all tie together? R          
Learn more about the proposed new regulatory body for immigration consultants