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Immigration Essentials: Anatomy of an IAD Appeal          118-4-2021  
Is your client criminally inadmissible?          131-10-2021  
Crafting excellent immigration submissions    0.7513-7-2022  713-7-2022    
Family members - the small print        26-10-2022    
Refused. What now?        230-11-2022    
Developing a transitional plan for LMIA applications        411-5-2023    
The power and danger of H&C applications    0.7529-7-20225.7529-7-2022614-6-2023    
Teaching moments: The best and the worst        612-10-2023    
Not so simple sponsorship        311-8-2023    
Understanding the new BC PNP business program        37-9-2023    
Application for rehabilitation        311-4-2024    
Everything you need to know about spousal sponsorship        424-4-2024    
Authorization to return to Canada        39-5-2024    
The best interest of a child        39-5-2024    
Temporary residents in Canada 2016        6.59-8-2024    
The rocky path to permanent residence        6.528-6-2024    
Effect of Kanthasamy on H&C applications    0.518-10-2024  318-10-2024    
History of case law affecting immigration practice        318-10-2024    
My application is sent. What happens now?        223-10-2024    
Owner-Operator LMIA        26-11-2024    
LMIA applications - lessons learned        422-2-2021    
The temporary aspects of permanent residence    0.754-5-20245.254-5-2024621-3-2021    
Residency appeals at the IAD        3.519-4-2021    
Spousal sponsorship appeals at the IAD        319-4-2021    
Express entry - eligibility, admissibility and immigration programs    0.515-5-20215.515-5-2021614-2-2023    
Avoiding, dealing and overcoming misrepresentation    0.521-6-2021  321-6-2021    
Perfected application and the life of a case        3.521-6-2021    
Combined event: Perfected application and Misrepresentation    113-12-2022513-12-2022621-6-2021    
LMIA and the underlying principles        32-5-2024    
CBSA, Port of Entry and our clients        316-8-2021    
Combined event: Professional responsibiilty and Port of Entry problems    0.57-2-2023        
Writing submissions to win. Or lose?    0.511-9-20215.511-9-2021611-9-2021    
Specialized knowledge and significant benefits        39-11-2021    
Recognizing, dealing with and overcoming medical inadmissibility    0.58-11-2021  68-11-2021    
Family - spousal sponsorship and adoption        529-8-2021    
Performing artists        225-9-2021    
Applications for Criminal Rehabilitation and TRP        413-9-2021    
The nightmare of "sufficient ties"        1.525-9-2021    
Dealing with visa offices around the world        325-9-2021    
Are we done yet? Changes in Citizenship Act    0.55-2-2022        
When no LMIA is needed    0.2517-1-2022  26-2-2022    
The pitfalls of international students' immigration path        35-3-2022    
A role of a heart in immigration system    1.513-2-2022  35-3-2022    
Finding the right tone with IRCC    0.57-3-2022  318-9-2023    
Immigration issues for non-traditional families    0.514-3-2022  33-4-2022    
Global talent stream    0.315-3-2022  34-4-2022    
Global Skills Strategy    0.7518-4-2022  418-4-2022    
A deep dive into the Trade agreements    0.54-4-2022  34-4-2022    
A crime is a crime. Or maybe not.        62-5-2022    
When your client is Canadian business - LMIA based WP        36-6-2022    
Combined event: When your client is Canadian business        66-6-2022    
Immigration 101 - Covering the basics        29-1-2024    
Immigration 101 - Material fact and Misrepresentation        29-5-2022    
Series: Immigration 101 - The basics        89-1-2024    
Immigration 101 - Applications - Family sponsorship        319-4-2021    
Is your client going out of status?        326-6-2024    
Use of work permits for business immigrants        311-9-2022    
Immigration 101 - Applications - Study permit        31-3-2021    
Immigration 101 - Applications - Work permit        326-9-2022    
Series: Immigration 101 - Applications1219-4-2021      1231-10-2022    
The Big Little Lies        315-8-2022    
Family class from a different perspective631-3-2021      63-10-2022    
Biometrics for Canada        220-8-2022    
Elements of H&C application329-3-2021      310-10-2022    
Challenging medical inadmissibility45-4-2021      417-10-2022    
Discretionary power in immigration law        310-10-2022    
Smooth sailing for international students (formerly Crystal ball and much more42-5-2021      613-11-2022    
LMIA - Which way do I go?         39-10-2022    
Mastering LMIA for caregivers        323-10-2022    
Immigration 101 - Basic concepts in family sponsorship R        217-9-2022    
Immigration 101 - Material fact and misrepresentation R327-3-2021            
Immigration 101 - Section 25 of the IRPA R227-3-2021      28-10-2022    
Series: Immigration 101 - Covering the basics R        86-3-2021    
Undeclared family members - the H&C case23-5-2021      214-11-2022    
Rehabilitation and deemed rehabilitation321-3-2021      321-1-2023    
Permanent residency - obligations and exemptions23-5-2021      214-11-2022    
LMIA - Compliance audits        1.515-11-2022    
Mastering the refugee system - Part 1        317-7-2021    
Mastering the refugee system - Part 2        324-7-2021    
Mastering the refugee system - Part 3        331-7-2021    
Mastering the refugee system - Part 5        34-9-2021    
Mastering the refugee system - Part 4        328-8-2021    
Marijuana and DUI in immigration process416-5-2021      427-3-2023    
Temporary resident permit to overcome criminal inadmissibility325-2-2021      327-3-2023    
Business immigration - what's out there for your client? 37-4-2021      317-4-2021    
Self-employed immigration        317-4-2023    
Crafting effective immigration submissions6.55-5-2021      6.515-5-2023    
Lonely Canadian        312-6-2021    
Mastering the refugee protection system Series        1518-3-2023    
Saving lost family members - R117(9)(d)34-3-2021      312-6-2021    
Cannabis et conduite avec facultés affaiblies322-3-2021331-3-2021          
The elusive self-employment category        326-3-2021    
Marriage of convenience413-4-2021            
Administrative tribunals and their role in immigration311-5-2021            
Réadaptation présumée ou réadaptation ?321-3-2021331-3-2021          
Interdictions de territoire et l'article 25 de la LIPR2.524-1-2021231-3-2021          
PNP options for international students36-3-2021      32-6-2021    
Work permits and transition to permanent residence under International Trade Agreements37-3-2021            
Preparing and Submitting a Successful TRP application317-3-2021      315-12-2022    
Applications Made Under Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds        223-6-2023    
Le monde de l'immigration après Kanthasamy310-3-2021            
Méli-Mélo 2019  731-3-2021          
Caregivers in Canada - the plot thickens322-4-2021      321-6-2021    
Immigration francophone hors Québec318-3-2021            
Responsible business growth - retainer agreements        33-6-2021    
Privigration (Privacy and Immigration)39-4-2021      324-1-2021    
Crystal ball 2019        621-11-2021    
Goodbye, 2019... We made it!74-3-2021      74-12-2021    
Working in Canada - Religious workers321-2-2021      318-8-2021    
Immigration 101 - Express Entry39-5-2021      315-11-2023    
Sponsoring undeclared family members327-2-2021      326-3-2021    
Owner-operator and other business immigration opportunities across Canada321-2-2021            
Immigration 101 - Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project and new Rural Immigration Project525-2-2021      520-11-2021    
Immigration 101 - Self-employed immigration federal and provincial - new perspective523-3-2021      518-12-2021    
Immigration 101 - Labour Market Impact Assessment420-4-2021      425-4-2022    
Immigration 101 - Refugee Protection and Effective ways to present your client's case424-2-2021      430-5-2022    
Immigration 101 - Super Visa, Single Entry, Multiple Entry Visitor Visa and Study Visa 423-4-2021      427-6-2022    
Goodbye, 2020... we are glad to see you go518-3-2021      518-12-2022    
Advanced immigration - Assessing criminal inadmissibility - 11.530-4-2021      1.530-1-2022    
Advanced immigration - Assessing criminal inadmissibility - 21.530-4-2021      1.530-1-2022    
Written advocacy: Affidavits in immigration practice325-4-2021      320-1-2022    
Owner-operator LMIA in detail325-4-2021      320-1-2022    
Start up Visa Program: A hidden gem?615-3-2021      610-3-2022    
Advanced immigration - Assessing criminal Inadmissibility - 31.530-4-2021      1.530-1-2022    
L'ABC de l'Entrée Express328-2-2021331-3-2021          
Interdiction de territoire pour sécurité en immigration  331-3-2021          
EIMT 101, Partie 1  331-3-2021          
EIMT 101, Partie 2321-2-2021331-3-2021          
Intelligence artificielle dans les décisions d'IRCC118-2-2021131-3-2021          
Advanced immigration: Assessing criminal inadmissibility - 41.51-5-2021      1.520-2-2022    
Travel restriction measures for Canada        130-3-2021    
Canadian Citizenship - Holistic Approach 425-2-2021      415-7-2022    
Economic Classes -Federal Skilled Worker Program and Canadian Experience Class425-2-2021      421-5-2022    
Advocacy - thinking ahead, protecting your client's interests325-2-2021      325-6-2022    
Learning to walk - first steps in starting your own immigration practice        615-10-2022    
Common Law and Conjugal Partner Sponsorship425-3-2021      426-9-2022    
The new normal: Immigration practice under pandemic and other crisis        216-7-2022    
Candidats des provinces : Colombie-Britannique29-2-2021      29-7-2022    
Candidats des provinces : Alberta29-2-2021      26-8-2022    
Candidats des provinces : Saskatchewan28-3-2021      28-9-2022    
Candidats des provinces : Manitoba        26-10-2022    
Candidats des provinces : Ontario21-2-2021      23-11-2022    
Série candidats des provinces129-9-2021            
When love is not enough - sponsoring a partner59-2-2021      513-8-2022    
Issues in BC PNP Applications for Skilled Workers38-3-2021      39-9-2022    
LMIA - Part 1315-3-2021      316-9-2022    
LMIA - Part 2329-3-2021      330-9-2022    
Humanitarian and compassionate considerations in immigration430-3-2021      431-10-2022    
Permanent Residence Travel Document and PR Card Renewal428-3-2021      428-11-2022    
Immigration programs for Northern Regions419-3-2021      419-12-2022    
Méli-Mélo 20206.510-3-2021            
Pratico-Pratique: demandes d'asile au Canada324-2-2021      326-8-2022    
Refused refugee claims – next steps and future options312-4-2021      314-10-2022    
Federal self-employed persons - key considerations for success35-4-2021      37-10-2022    
Using occupation lists to their fullest325-3-2021            
Application refused. What now? 316-2-2021      318-11-2022    
Update on parental sponsorship and new income requirements217-3-2021      213-10-2022    
Temporary public policy - PR for certain refugee claimants222-3-2021      222-12-2022    
Programme spécial des demandeurs d'asile en période de COVID-19 222-3-2021            
Permanent residents - Rights, obligations, loss of status, appeals              
Consequences of criminality on permanent residents (FRENCH)              
Smooth sailing with NAFTA              
Temporary residents in Canada              
Immigration Essentials I              
Immigration Essentials II              
Lost family dependents              
Immigration Essentials: Misrepresentation              
When everything else fails              
Talking to IRCC and Mastering the CEC              
Representing client in detention review hearings              
Two perspectives on Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications               
Medical Inadmissibility: Fight or flight?              
Bringing Parents to Canada: Mastering the Process and Avoiding the Pitfalls              
IMEDA Mentorship series: Assessment – the first step to success              
Unconventional clients              
All in the family - Avoiding the pitfalls of family immigration stream              
Immigration Journey of International Students              
Au-delà de la simple représentation              
Your clients and CBSA              
Loss of status - permanent and temporary              
The world of IRCC (CIC) and our role in it              
Méli-mélo immigration 2014              
International students in Canada              
Natural Justice, Administrative Law and the Federal Court from the perspective of a non-lawyer              
Internal coding - understanding the ATIP reports              
Goodbye, 2015...another year gone              
Skilled Temporary Foreign Worker Programs in Canada and the United States              
LMIA exempt work permits - what has changed              
From PR to citizenship and beyond              
Méli-mélo immigration 2015              
IRCC Authorized rep portal - friend or foe?              
Caregivers - to do or not to do              
LMIA - first vs. repeated application              
Perfecting an LMIA application              
LMIA exempt work permits              
Immigration support for international students              
The mystery of Canadian citizenship              
Caregivers - work permit and permanent residence              
Goodbye, 2016... A year of hope              
Kanthasamy and H&C; Owner-operator LMIA              
Canada's immigration world after Kanthasamy              
Méli-Mélo 2016              
From International Student to Permanent Resident              
History of our profession              
Professional Responsibility issues in immigration              
Goodbye, 2017... Did we get it right?               
Méli-Mélo 2017              
When your client is Canadian business - LMIA exempt WP              
Immigration 101 - Basic concepts in Family sponsorship              
Immigration 101 - Section 25 of IRPA              
Immigration 101 - Applications - Visitor visa              
Children in immigration process              
What's new with BC PNP?              
Combined event: BC PNP and Children in immigration process              
The pitfalls of international students' immigration path 2              
How does it all tie together...               
Le PMI et les principales dispenses d’EIMT              
Méli-Mélo 2018              
The magic of Adobe Acrobat              
The latest about parental sponsorship              
Goodbye, 2018 - We shall overcome              
IRCC, ESDC, CBSA, PNP – finding the right tone              
Alberta PNP - Opportunity Stream              
IMEDA for Calgary              
IMEDA for Edmonton              
How does it all tie together? R              
Goodbye, 2018 plus bonus seminar on parental sponsorship              
Soyez prêts pour le parrainage de parents et grands-parents.               
Learn more about the proposed new regulatory body for immigration consultants              
Francophone Mobility programs outside of Quebec              
What's up, BC PNP?               
Responsible business growth - when clients don't want to pay              
Entry to practice - RCIC exam preparation course              
COVID19 et programmes d'immigration              
COVID19 et programmes d'immigration #2              
EIC et étudiants étrangers