Continuing Professional Development

While we care about CPD credits and our focus is on providing quality CPD eligible seminars and workshops, it is not all about CPD credits. A true professional never stops learning. Your expertise and practical hands-on current knowledge are what makes you stand apart from competitors.

It is your responsibility to develop as a first-rate immigration practitioner and IMEDA will help you stay on top of the industry. CPD is vital to your continued progression by honing your knowledge, skills and your professional values to exceed what is required by the Regulators of our profession.

CPD keeps you up-to-date and gives you the opportunity to learn from the expert professionals. IMEDA seminars will provide you with the tools to make sound professional decisions and interventions based on solid information and collective experience.

IMEDA and the professional regulatory bodies
All IMEDA education opportunities are submitted for assessment to the appropriate regulatory body, like the ICCRC, the Law Societies, and the Burreau du Québec to be pre-approved for CPD credits. However, not all seminars and workshops will be eligible for CPD credits. We will offer practice management seminars and workshops to assist new practitioners and while these events will not be eligible for CPD credits, they are very important and we at IMEDA strongly believe that they should be a part of our offerings.

How to claim CPD credits
CPD rules