I can't log into my account! 

Try this:
1) Close your browser
2) Open it again
3) Type in www.imeda.ca. Please do NOT use a page if it was already loaded when you re-opened the browser.
4) Hit Enter on the keyboard
5) When the home page appears, enter your username (your email address) and your password in the appropriate windows on the top of the page (above the picture).
6) Click log in.

If you were successful, you will see your email address and "You are logged in" text in the dark grey area above the picture

Incorrect username or password (test change)

Both username and password are case sensitive - make sure you don't use any capital letters in your email. If you are sure that you are not making a mistake and still get this error, you can click on Forgot your password? link. Within a minute you will receive a new password. When you do, follow the steps under I can't log into my account!

The recording I want to watch requires a password. My password does not work. 

Each recording has unique password. When you are logged in and can see the recording window, you can also see the video password. It is located directly above the recording window. Copy and paste the password and you will be able to watch the recording. 

I am trying to watch a recording but it stops and will not continue.

Every recording is tested before it is uploaded. Most likely the culprit is your Internet connection. Sometimes even the high speed Internet is slow if it's shared (cable). Try to watch the recording at a different time.

I want to watch a recording but I cannot see it in my account

This is because you have two accounts in IMEDA system. In this case, you will have to send us an email and we will consolidate the accounts into one and delete the older account. 

I want to purchase a seminar on your website but it takes me to PayPal page. I don't have a PayPal account.

You don't need PayPal account to pay with your credit card. When you reach PayPal page, you will find an option to pay with a credit card. Click on the link and you will be able to enter your credit card information. We don't store your credit card information, so you will have to do it every time you want to pay for your order.

I purchased a recording from you. Now I want to report my CPD hours to ICCRC but the CPD reporting form says that the recording must be watched within 90 days from conclusion of the event. What should I do? 

The ICCRC CPD Reporting form is incorrect. Every recording that is still eligible for CPD hours indicates on the website the validity. You can verify it on ICCRC website. ICCRC is aware of the error and will accept your claim as long as you watch the recording within the indicated validity date.

I heard that I can get a discount when I buy 16 and more CPD hours. How can I do it? 

Click on Virtual conference tab in the main menu. Select the regulatory body you belong to and click on Show available seminars. A list of all available seminars/webinars/recordings will appear. By clicking the check box to the right of the seminar name, you place it in your shopping cart. The amount to be paid will be visible on the top of the page all the time. As soon as you reach 16 CPD hours, the amount automatically changes to reflect 20% discount. 

I need an invoice to send with my reporting forms. Where can I find it? 

You received an invoice when you ordered the seminar in an email. If you cannot locate the email, log into your account, go to My account, then My orders. You will see all orders you made since you created your account. Click on the number and the invoice will be downloaded to your computer or display in your browser, depending on your settings.

I need an agenda to send with my reporting forms. Where can I find it? 

The agenda is uploaded and is available for download on the recording page after your log into your account. All materials that were used during the seminar can be downloaded as well. 

I attended a seminar in person but ICCRC did not credit the CPD hours to my account. You said you will report to them directly!

We do report the attendance after each seminar. However, if you did not sign the sign-in sheet, there is no record of you attending in person and your name would not be reported to ICCRC. If this happens, you can still claim your CPD hours by sending the CPD Reporting form and Certification form, together with the invoice and agenda directly to ICCRC.

I purchased the same recording the second time. What should I do? 

Send us an email. We will credit your account and you can use the credit to order another seminar. 

I registered for a webinar but did not receive information about how to log in. Why? 

Most likely, you unsubscribed from our mailing list. When you do, we can never send you another email again. Unfortunately, we also cannot subscribe you - only you can do it, manually. 

I registered for a webinar. I received the login information but could not login when the webinar started. I called but there was no answer. 

If you receive an email with login information, we always recommend that you log in at least 15 minutes before the webinar is supposed to start. Once the event is in progress, we cannot take phone calls and sometimes it takes 15 or more minutes before we can check email and start answering. We don't have dedicated technical support and at least two of us are always actively participating in the webinar. You can avoid the disappointment by registering immediately after receiving the information and logging early.

I tried to call you but there was no answer. I left a message but did not hear anything for a few days. 

Next time, try to send an email instead of calling. There are days when the phone won't stop ringing, the calls we are not able to take are routed to the voice mail, the voice mail box becomes full and when the day is over, it's too late to call. It's never late to answer an email and we try to answer all emails immediately, or on the same day. 

When I am looking at my Shopping cart, I see that I could redeem a discount code. How can I get a discount code? 

The discount code feature allows us to give substantial discounts to students of Immigration Practitioners Courses, to our volunteers and to persons who have legitimate interest in some of our programs (audit by regulatory body, for example). You would know if you had a discount code :-) If you want to save money, try to take advantage of our early bird discounts. Every seminar is discounted by 10% or 15% for the first few weeks of their promotion.