In the past few years, more and more customers have asked for an option to have access to most of our seminars, for a reasonable price. And because we at IMEDA always believed that our seminars play a vital role in the overall education of immigration practitioners and because we understand the need to be frugal, we came up with the idea of a subscription.

CPD subscription

  • 16 CPD hours with invoice
  • All seminars/webinars/recordings free to watch while subscription active with the exception of Mentorship meetings and Insight sessions.
  • Practitioners Zoom meetings (currently available for French subscribers)
How does a subscription work?

When you purchase a subscription, you gain a free access to the services specified in the subscription for a period of 365 days. You can watch any available seminar/webinar/recording free of charge, but you can “order” only CPD seminars until you reach your 16 mandatory CPD hours - for these seminars you will get an invoice. For example: You previously ordered five 3-CPD seminars and you need one more CPD hour. The system will allow you to order one more seminar, regardless of its length. Once you reach the target, your ability to order will be removed and you will have access to everything through your Library. The “ordered” seminars will remain in your account even if you do not renew your subscription the next year.

Even better, now you can virtually get the subscription for free - by referring IMEDA subscription to your colleagues, business partners, students, etc. Each subscriber will have in their account 10 referral codes that they can send to anyone. Each accepted referral (means the invited person purchases their own subscription) will add a credit of 10% of the value of the renewal price to your account. At the time of your own renewal, you will be automatically credited for each accepted referral code. And, of course, the invited person will have the same feature in their own subscription. We hope you enjoy this new feature and will spread the word among your friends and colleagues.

Our tip: Do not rush to order the first available seminars… wait until you see what is out there and then pick those you may be most interested in. You will have a full year to order the seminars that you will be able to keep in your account once your subscription will elapse.

Not ready to subscribe yet? Don’t worry – everything else is working as it used to:

  • 5% loyalty discount valid for the rest of your professional practice is earned after purchasing 5th seminar/webinar/recording
  • 20% Virtual conference discount that is automatically calculated as soon as your order reached 16 CPD hours.
  • Educational packages at deeply discounted price for those who don’t want to order all 16 CPD hours at once…
  • Regular sales to celebrate special occasions: The discount codes issued for these celebrations can be combined with the Loyalty and Virtual conference discounts. It means that a few times a year you will have the opportunity to register for the seminars you want to watch at a 50% discount. You cannot beat that!