Alex Titov, RCIC
Alex Titov, RCIC
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Dr. Alex Titov is a Member of ICCRC, Senior Immigration Advisor and original Founder of «WORLD MIGRATION GROUP INC.» - full service immigration firm for qualified private clients, VIP personalities, entrepreneurs, public companies and private business entities from all over the world.

Dr. Alex Titov is also the Chief Strategist of «INWEST Ventures International», a Vancouver-based boutique style Venture-Capital and Management counseling service. Prior to INWEST, he founded and led a VC-strategy consulting firm that served leading companies in telecommunications, industrial products, financial services, construction, transportation, and retailing. He has an extensive international private and corporate practice in Europe, Asia, USA and Canada since 1992.

Dr. Alex Titov is a long-time Member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers) and he is travelling extensively on various speaking assignments around the world. Latest public seminars and corporate trainings include such countries as Japan, South Korea, Philippines, United States, Russia, Britain, Germany, Kazakhstan & Ukraine.

Dr. Titov has a Master Degree in Engineering Physics(1992) and Master Degree in Finance (1998), and holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration (2000) in addition to Real-Estate Trade and Immigration Law Practice degrees with Honours.