Rohene Bouajram, RCIC, International Student Advisor
Rohene Bouajram, RCIC, International Student Advisor
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Rohene Bouajram is an International Student Advisor and RCIC at the University of British Columbia. With over a decade of experience working in international education at different educational institutions, she has experience with managing teams, study abroad programming, international and domestic recruitment, providing advisory services and coordinating intercultural and transition support programs for students. Her MA in Intercultural and International Communication, BA in Psychology and an exchange to Finland have allowed her academic background to compliment the many professional roles she has held.

As an avid volunteer, she sat on the Executive Board of the Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research (SIETAR) in BC and coordinated the first Congress program in June 2014 on ‘Shaping Identity: Land, People, Systems’ in Vancouver and on Sts’ailes First Nations territory. Rohene’s passion for intercultural communication often leads her to dive headfirst into opportunities to engage ethically and authentically in intercultural settings and not afraid to wear multiple hats - administrator, advocate, community-builder, mentor, counsellor, problem-solver, teammate and friend. Originally from Zimbabwe, Rohene has also travelled extensively to China, South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Finland, UK, USA, Dominican Republic and Mauritius.