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Practice coach insights

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One of the best professional tools available - learn about yourself and your personal and professional skills

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What does it require to become an exceptional immigrant consultant?  

It isn’t enough to have the technical skills and expertise, you must understand yourself and your clients to add maximum value!

We offer validated tools inside innovative and interactive learning sessions that provide insight into:

  • your strengths, blind spots, work preferences, motivators and demotivators
  • how you interact, engage and communicate with others
  • how you are perceived and experienced by your colleagues and clients
  • how you organize and manage your practice
  • how you put your professional CICC competencies into action

You will get:

  • access to the online Facet5 questionnaire
  • your 16 page Premium Facet5 profile report
  • 2 hour individual virtual coaching debrief

Your Facet 5 profile report provides insights into your strengths, potential risks/blind spots, work preferences, motivators and demotivators and will help you understand how your personality influences:

  • your personal beliefs, mindset and values
  • your motivation and attitudes
  • your natural work approach, style and strengths – how you get your work done
  • how you work and interact with others
  • how you communicate at work and in life
  • your conflict resolution style
  • what motivates & demotivates you at work
  • your adaptability and resilience to change

 Isn’t it time to discuss how all the above link to your practice and identify key areas for development?


regular fee Price - $ 495.00