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Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 18:30 EST see it in calendar

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LSO 1.5 Professionalism

CICC 3 CPD hours

LSBC 3 CPD hours


Pace Law Firm300 The East Mall
M9B 6B7

Capacity: 18


The role of a heart in immigration practice

When knowing the law is not enough

Practicing law with empathy
Discharging responsibilities to your clients with compassion

The presentation will go through s.3 of the Code of Professional Conduct of the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as Articles 5 through 8 of the ICCRC Code of Professional Ethics with a focus on the need to advise clients in a manner that is not only technically competent but also sensitive and responsible.

Rather than focussing on the rules and articles themselves, the presentation will focus on the commentaries in the Law Society Rules and applying a series of examples from the practice of immigration law which relate directly to those Rules.

The presentation will focus on:
1. Advising clients in a competent manner and the duty to seek advice and      assistance from more experienced counsel or from counsel with experience in different but related law.
2. The need to counsel client in a sensitive way recognizing that it is possible that clients may not reveal all the relevant details of their case at the outset of your professional relationship.
3. The duty to provide clients with confidence and assurances but without making promises or guarantees.
4. The importance of thinking “outside of the box” when preparing the case and at the initial meeting with the clients.

How do we put these principles to work in our everyday practice?

- Initial consultations
- Developing a theory of your client’s case
- Preparing materials, i.e., affidavit, documentary evidence etc.
- Preparing clients to testify
- Conduct at a hearing; and
- Post hearing conduct


3 hours

regular fee - $ 90.00

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