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Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 17:00 PDT see it in calendar

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Library Square Conference Centre, Peter Kaye Room350 West Georgia St.
BC V6B 6B1

Capacity: 27


If you ever have represented a client before the IAD, you were at administrative tribunal. Administrative law is a very important part of our practice and it is not taught at any of the Immigration Practitioner Programs. Take advantage of this overview of administrative law, tribunals and their rules. 

Introduction – Administrative Law

1. Introductory Components of Administrative Law:
    a. Constitutional Matters
    b. Division of Powers

2. Standards of Review:
    a. Dunsmuir
        • Reasonableness
        • Correctness

3. Procedural Fairness Test:
    a. Legitimate Expectations of procedural fairness
    b. Duty of fairness
        • Baker Test

4. Bias and Independence

Administrative Law – Immigration

5. Consultants and the Administrative Tribunals – Overcome the Barrier!
    a. Preparing your practice to absorb administrative tribunal work

6. The Different Administrative Agencies / Tribunals in Immigration:
    a. IRCC
    b. CBSA
    c. IRB
    d. IAD

7. The Different Kinds of Adjudications:
    a. Immigration Applications
        • Work Permit / PR Applications

• Detention Reviews
   I. Rules of Tribunal
   II. Role of Witnesses
   III. Role of Claimant
   IV. Role of Bondsperson / conditions of release
• Admissibility Hearings

• Right of Appeal
• Rules of the Tribunal
• Preparing witnesses
• Preparing Claimants

IAD v. Federal Court:
• Which tribunal does it belong to?

Federal Court:
• What do I do?

• Fraudulent Documentation
• Misrepresentations
• Witnesses or claimants that are being untruthful
• Inconsistent testimony

• Final considerations as your expand your practice to take on more of this work


3 hours

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