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Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at 22:00 PDT see it in calendar

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SFU Harbour Centre515 West Hastings Street
V6B 5K3


Bringing Parents to Canada: Mastering the Process and Avoiding the Pitfalls

1. Update on processing backlog sponsorships
    a. Is there a way to speed the process up?
    b. Can the parents or grandparents be in Canada while the sponsorship processes?

2. Introducing the new parents/grandparents sponsorship rules
    a. What are the new criteria for parent/grandparent sponsorships?

3. Update on the supervisa program and recommendations for successful applications

4. The when, where and how of making a Humanitarian and Compassionate application for parents or grandparents
    a. When should you make an H&C application?
    b. What are the logistics of doing so (to which office, processing times)?
    c. What are some of the risks of doing so (i.e., will it affect a supervisa renewal)?

5. How to address common pitfalls:
    a. Potential medical inadmissibility of a parent/grandparent
    b. Death of one parent/grandparent during processing
    c. Sponsor does not (or did not during a specific period) meet the Minimum
        Necessary Income


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