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Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 13:00 EST see it in calendar

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LSBC 2 CPD hours tentative
Expiry date: 31-12-2023

CICC 2 CPD hours tentative
Expiry date: 21-6-2024


Capacity: 150


Could you? Should you? Would you?

Conflict of interest in immigration practice and how to deal with it.

Mandatory service agreement components in new codes
a.    Conflicts of interest in employment or student recruitment –Section 15 to 18 new codes
b.    Ban to provide both services simultaneously
c.    Exceptions

Joint -representation of family members in family class PR applications
a.    Co-signer in family class sponsorship
b.    TRV with SuperVisa, Spousal Open Work Permit applications

Joint -representation of family members in economic class PR applications
Joint -representation of family members in IAD/ID proceeding
Joint -representation of family members in Refugee/ Protected Person PR applications
Best interests of a minor in a family group
Communication and manage expectation of clients
Payee, a friend or family member of the applicant, is not your client
RCICs who are providing business oriented services, real estate, insurance broker, financial advisor, etc
RCICs who are providing technical oriented services, legal translators, CPAs, etc
RCICs who are working as 9-5 employee for an entirely unrelated industry while moonlighting as RCIC


2 hours

regular fee - $ 60.00




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