History of case law affecting immigration practice

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Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 14:15 EDT   see it in calendar
Camilla Jones
Camilla Jones
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History of case law affecting immigration practice

• Management of Immigration and Refugee Programs
• Role of CBSA, IRB, CIC
• Sources of Immigration Law
• Domestic and International law
• Charter of Rights and Freedoms
• Constitution
• Division of Powers, Constitution Act, 1867
• Federal Powers, Provincial Powers, Section 95 Concurrent Powers of Legislation
• Immigration Agreements/Canada-Quebec Accord
• Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
• Selected Charter Cases
o Andrews v Law Society of British Columbia
o Singh v Minister of Employment and Immigration
o Canada (Minister of Employment and Immigration) v Chiarelli
o Suresh v Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration)
• Other Important Declarations/ Cases on the Best Interest of the Child:
o Universal Declaration on the Rights of the Child
o Baker
o Stay of Deportation: Toth- Federal Court
o IAD-Ribic

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