How not to lose permanent residence

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Thursday, June 10, 2021 at 10:00 EDT   see it in calendar
Pantea Jafari
Pantea Jafari
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How not to lose permanent residence

When does the responsibility of immigration representative end? Does your client need to know what to do in the future to maintain their status? Is it your job to tell him?

As we so well know, getting your dream fulfilled is not the end of the story. Too often we hear from clients a few years down the road only to find out they are in troubles... they are about to lose, or they lost their permanent residence... for reasons often beyond your imagination.

Knowing what to do in a desperate situation is a sign of a good immigration practitioner. Telling your client what to expect in the future, how to avoid problems, is a sign of a great practitioner. Which one are you?

Learn what you can from an excellent speaker and generous immigration lawyer Pantea Jafari.

3 hours
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