Immigration 101 - Basic concepts in family sponsorship R

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 15:30 EDT   see it in calendar
Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Robinson
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Please note: This is the same seminar as offered on June 14, 2018 - do not register if you registered for the first one.

-  Discussion re: core concepts in family sponsorship:
   o What constitutes a genuine relationship – spouse, common law or conjugal partner, adopted child?
   o Who is a dependent child? Review of IRPR s. 2
   o Role of financial dependence on parents, inability to be financially independent and medical condition in determining a dependent child over 22 years of age
   o Who is a lonely Canadian? Understanding the definition in Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations s. 117(1)(h)
   o Family reunification as a guiding principle in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

-  Putting your best foot forward in an application:
   o Determining the evidence required to substantiate a genuine relationship
   o Sufficiency of evidence to establish financial dependence on parents, lack of ability to be financially independent and physical/mental condition
   o Balancing the proof of financial dependency vs. medical inadmissibility

- Professional/ethical obligation:
   o What to do if client brings documents that you suspect are fraudulent? Or brings multiple identical letters purportedly from different individuals? How to have a constructive discussion about the detrimental effect of providing repetitive or potentially fraudulent documents
   o Managing clients who refuse to bring documents but want the application to be submitted without supporting evidence
   o Obligation to advise clients of merit of application – and how to better chances of success

-  Case Scenario: Meeting the lonely Canadian
   o How to determine if the client could be a sponsor in this category?
   o Canvassing family relationships
   o Collecting relevant evidence to confirm lack of sponsorable family members
   o Role of inadmissibility in determination of sponsorable family members
   o What to do when the client doesn’t know or have information about family relatives and their ability to be sponsored?


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2 hours
  • regular fee - $ 60.00


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