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Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 14:00 EST see it in calendar

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LSBC 2 CPD hours
Expiry date: 16-7-2022


Capacity: 150


Are you wondering how other practitioners survived the COVID-19 crisis? Would you like to be better prepared if something similar happens in the future? Do you know about technologies, tools and other helpers that can transform your practice into a virtually untouchable one?

Don't let another megavirus catch you off guard. Learn how and get ready to survive without losing clients and stopping your work.

-          The obvious:

o   home computer? additional monitors?

o   Faster internet at home or the office?

o   Webcam? Headset?

o   Laptop, monitor, scanner/printer, faster internet for staff?

o   Strong passwords, changed often

o   Additional software licenses?


-          Not so obvious:

o   Private server/Remote Access/faster internet at the office

o   Redirecting mail to someone’s home? Who scans in documents?

o   Necessary signage and information noted at the office and on voicemail systems?

o   Confidentiality: white noise machine? Secure cabinet or drawer at home?

o   Reminding staff of confidentiality rules and informing clients of its potential or actual breach

o   Document sharing and syncing platforms

o   New software needs: Acrobat Pro? E-signatures?

o   Redivision of work? Roles? Tech capacities?

o   Morale and Mental Health check-ins, staff and clients alike


-          Concentration

o   Noise cancelling headphones?

o   Family members: shifting office hours

o   Meetings: learning the basics of video conferencing apps – muted yourself, camera on and off, etc, up to setting up and running the meetings


-          Practical needs

o   Who can travel to office if needed, grab mail, etc.

o   The clients who just can’t get it together for any technology and need to be seen in person

o   Cleaning supplies and cleaning schedule

o   Policies regarding degree of opening, work standards and timelines, and staff roles and locations, revisited on an ongoing basis: FAQ helpful

o   Protocols of office building and/or landlords

o   New signage, floor markings, spacing of desks and chairs, etc

o   New and Alternating work schedules

o   Layoffs? Reduced hours? Contract work?

o   Unexpected staffing needs: custodial? IT?

o   PoA and contingency plans

o   Online terminals or payment transfer apps


-          Client communication

o   Managing expectations: mass and client-specific communications and updates

o   Virtual meetings

o   Virtual document, data and fee collection

o   Virtual commissioning tools – pros and cons

§  E signature – electronic marking such as finger drawing on a tablet, sign and scan, etc.

§  Digital signature – public-key cryptography associated with the document

§  Biometric – electronic and digital signature authenticated through biometrics instead of password (facial recognition, fingerprinting or iris scan)

§  Blockchain enabled signatures/documents – permanent reference to the documents, unalterable and time-stamped, can be combined with encryption

§  Verifiable credentials – user controls how, when and to whom their proof of signature is shared



2 hours


This video recording is offered free-of-charge for its educational value. It is not eligible for CPD hours by any regulatory body

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