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Thursday, March 10, 2022 at 17:01 EST see it in calendar

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CICC 3 CPD hours
Expiry date: 10-3-2023

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Capacity: 150


1. Application for a Study Permit
    a. Choosing an institution and program to study – what should a prospective foreign student consider before they even apply for a study permit?
        i. For example, job market research before picking an area of study to avoid completing a program which does not offer job prospects in Canada following graduation.
   b. Who can apply at the border and who must apply at a consulate?
   c. General steps that an applicant will need to take to be able to submit a study permit application and throughout the processing of the application
   d. What information and documents are required for a study permit application?
        i. Study Plan, is it continuing education, does the program of choice and the institution make sense?
        ii. Funds
        iii. General
   e. Tips for a successful study permit application
   f. Reasons why a study permit application may be refused
   g. Processing times
   h. Ethical considerations – The cost of studying in Canada for a foreign student?

2. Maintaining Student Status Until Graduation
    a. What does it mean to be actively engaged in studies?
    b. When to apply to extend a study permit
    c. Can a student switch schools and/or program of study during their time in Canada?
    d. Can a student work while studying in Canada?
    e. Who needs a co-op work permit and when to apply for it
    f. The importance of maintaining full time student status
    g. Ethical considerations – Are student advisors at institutions in Canada giving advice/information that puts students at risk of failing to meet obligations because of incorrect advice? Is there a lack of support for students to access reliable information and advice?

3. Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)
    a. Eligibility requirements
    b. How do you know if your school is a designated learning institution that will allow you to apply for a PGWP?
        i. Ethical considerations – private colleges which do not offer PGWP-eligible programs but are still considered DLIs for the purpose of obtaining a study permit.
    c. When can a student start working full time after completing their program
    d. Duration of the post graduate work permit

4. Permanent Residence Applications
    a. What options do students/graduates have to pursue permanent residence in Canada?
    b. What can students do ahead of time to support their eligibility to apply for permanent residence after graduation?
    c. What kinds of jobs in Canada can assist a post graduate work permit holder with qualifying for permanent residence in Canada?
    d. Does it matter which province you study in?


3 hours

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