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Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 10:00 EST see it in calendar

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LSBC 3 CPD hours
Expiry date: 31-12-2022

CICC 3 CPD hours tentative
Expiry date: 22-9-2023


Capacity: 150



-       s. 96 or s. 97 Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (“IRPA“) – The differences between the two sections of the Law – Convention refugee Vs. Protected Person

-          Filing for refugee protection in Canada – Port of Entry (POE) Vs. In land claim

o   Where do we file for refugee protection?

o   What documents are needed?

o   Timeline for each procedure

o   Misrepresentation

-          The IRB - Immigration and Refugee Board – The roles of the RPD and the RAD.

o   Who cannot claim for refugee in Canada?

o   What happens when a client is not eligible to claim for refugee?

o   Front end PRRA Vs. the RPD

-          My client’s file was referred to the IRB – what’s next?

-          How to prepare a file before a hearing?

o   Evidence to be provided

o   Preparation of country condition documents

o   Preparation meetings – What is allowed and what is not?

-          The hearing

o   Positive decision – What’s next?

o   Negative decision – Timeline for appeals and what can I do to appeal a decision

o   The manifestly unfounded and no credible basis

-          The RAD (Refugee appeal division) – a brief history of the RAD

o   The different outcomes of an Appeal

-          The Judicial Review stage

-          My client is now a failed refugee claimant – How can I help him?

o   The H&C (Humanitarian and Compassionate) Application

o   The PRRA (Pre-Removal Risk Assessment)

-          Removal from Canada

o   The deferral request

o   The stay motion


3 hours

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