The Big Little Lies

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Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 13:30 EDT   see it in calendar
Pantea Jafari
Pantea Jafari
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CICC (ICCRC) 3 CPD hours - Validity of the recording expired on: 14.11.2018
LSBC 3 CPD hours available until: 20.06.2025

Material fact and misrepresentation

What difference does intention to mislead make?
   - Incorrect information vs. misrepresentation vs. omission
   - What if it was made without your knowledge?

What makes something “material”?
   - Is it relevant to the determination?
   - Would the fact affect the process for assessing the application?
   - Could an investigation into that fact have affected the outcome?

The defense of reasonable and honest belief in truthfulness and completeness of submissions?
   - Originating case
   - Rare circumstances where it can be a reasonable defence

Effect of lack of disclosure of material fact on underlying application
   - Vacation hearings: not all is lost
   - PR applications and the 5 year bar
   - TRV applications: putting your best foot forward


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3 hours
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