Not so simple sponsorship

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Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 10:00 EDT   see it in calendar
Chantal Desloges
Chantal Desloges
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Spousal sponsorship

R130 - sponsors residing abroad
• relocate back to Canada with spouse married abroad
• what is the test for residency, what are the red flags, what's the procedure
• is there any way to bring the spouse and/or children temporarily
• Residency requirements for sponsors in general

R133 – ban on sponsorship
• sponsors with criminal convictions
• sponsors who still have an Undertaking for a former spouse
• bankrupt sponsor

When common-law is not common-law
LICO for spousal sponsorship
In Canada vs. abroad applications, cons and pros

Sponsorship breakdown
• if the marriage breaks down what are both parties responsible for
• what if the spouse is still inside the 2 year conditional period

Parental sponsorship
• Meeting LICO in different situations: new spouse, new baby, divorce, loss of job
• Calculating LICO

Ethical considerations:
• due diligence to identify underlying problems
• dual representation and conflict of interest
• best interest of the client
• privacy concerns
• honesty and candour with clients

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  • regular fee - $ 90.00


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