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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 17:00 PDT see it in calendar

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British Columbia Institute of Technology555 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3H6

Capacity: 50


1. The creative use of Work Permits to invest into a Business in Canada (1.5 hours)

While the options for Business Immigrants to apply for Permanent Residence are limited and take many months or years to process, there are a number of options for foreign businesspeople to invest into businesses and obtain Work Permits, usually within a few months. For many clients, this can lead to a Permanent Residence application as well, with point for Arranged Employment.

In this section, we will review different options for advising clients, sometimes open just to citizens of specific countries, and other times open to anyone.

a. Owner Operator LMIA Work Permits;
b. Free Trade Investor Work Permits:
ii. Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement with 11 countries along the Pacific;
iii. The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement with the European Union;
c. Intra Company Transferee Work Permits;
d. Significant Benefit Work Permits;
e. Case studies, including examples of how we may use 1 or more of these for the same client.

2. Investing into a Business: What potential Immigrants and their Immigration Advisors need to know (1.5 hours)

Investing into a business in a new country can be daunting. Especially so if language, culture, business norms and other factors are very different from the client’s own country. Immigration Professionals may not be equipped to recognize and advise their business clients on these issues.

In this session, we will give the Immigration Professional an overview of the challenges that business immigrants face, and some recommendations for successful strategies.

a. The Canadian Business Landscape

b. Challenges for Business Immigrants

i. Challenges facing all Canadian entrepreneurs
ii. Challenges facing immigrant entrepreneurs

c. Opportunities Nowhere? Or Opportunities NowHere?

i. Overcoming the challenges

d. 4 ways to invest into a Business in Canada


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