Alain Joffe, Lawyer
Alain  Joffe, Lawyer
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Quebec attorney specialised in Canadian and Quebec Immigration Law – legal assistance and legal representation to foreigners before Canadian and Quebec administrative boards in Canada and abroad

Administrative practice in Immigration –Temporary workers – Foreign Students – Study Permit in Canada including CAQ for those wishing to study in the Province of Quebec – Quebec Student and Work Experience Program (PEQ) -

Appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division in relation to loss of permanent residence, refused sponsorships outside Canada in all categories or contestation of equivalence made by Immigration-Canada between an Canadian Criminal offense and a criminal offense committed in a foreign country -

Since 2014 appeals before the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) –

Application for Authorization and Judicial Review at the Federal Court of Canada or any decision rendered by a Federal Board in relation to Immigration and Refugee law matters including administrative decision rendered by Canadian authorities abroad in relation to a refusal of authorisation of return to Canada or refusal to proceed with visa application for foreign visitors.

Legal assistance and legal representation to the different branches of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in relation to asylum cases before the refugee board and detention review before the Immigration Division - legal assistance and representation in relation to inadmissibility in Canada or exclusion from the definition of protected persons for serious crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity and other violation of international Humanitarian laws.