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Every criminal record must be assessed on its own merits. Section 36 of IRPA provides the relevant legal framework, but this does not readily translate into a systematic method for approaching criminal records. Each one is unique, but the analysis to be applied is similar, and consistent. These Podcasts take a deeper dive into the IRPA rules to illustrate how the assessment of a specific criminal record proceeds from collection of relevant facts through the analysis to a legal conclusion which can be substantiated. Is the applicant admissible or not? Why or why not under IRPA s. 36? If not admissible, is Rehabilitation or a TRP feasible in the circumstances? These are always the basic questions, and the aim is to demonstrate the analysis of a series of typical criminal records by an experienced practitioner.

Each segment deals with a foreign criminal record for an applicant seeking temporary or permanent status, and is self-standing. Each Podcast is approximately 1.5 hours in duration.

Podcasts in the series:

Criminal Record #1 - One old DUI plus a minor offence, e.g. mischief - USA
Criminal Record #2 -Two DUI convictions in USA, one before and one after Dec. 18, 2018


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