Advocacy - thinking ahead, protecting your client's interests

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Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 13:00 EDT   see it in calendar
Lorne Waldman
Lorne Waldman
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LSBC 3 CPD hours available until: 25.06.2022
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Advocacy Thinking ahead protecting your clients interests


Protecting your clients interests before the hearing


Preparation for the hearing:

  • Expert witnesses—when do you need them and why?? What type of experts—psychologists, educational experts; medical reports; country experts.
  • Corroborating witnesses—when do you need them and why??
  • Preparing client to face questions about inconsistencies—do they have an explanation??

    At the hearing:

  • Problems with interpretation—when do you object?? How do you object?? What are the consequences if you do not object??
  • Do you need an adjournment?? What do you do if it is refused??
  • Board Member prejudges the case—can you ask the Member to recluse themselves for bias?? How do you frame the objection?? What do you do when they refuse to recluse??
  • Objecting to questions—when do you object?? How do you raise the objection?? What are the consequences if you do not object??
  • Calling witnesses—when do you call them?? When do you dispense with calling witnesses??
  • Member imposes time limits—how do you object?
  • Importance of submissions—asking for clarification regarding issues prior to making submissions.

    After the hearing:

  • When do you send in post hearing submissions?
  • When do you raise an objection??
  • What do you do if you discover a problem with interpretation after the hearing concludes??
  • When do you send in post hearing evidence or submissions?
  • What do you do if you realize you made an error during the hearing or in preparation??

    Responding to procedural fairness letter

  • Evidence versus submissions;
  • Corroborating evidence;
  • Making sure you have full disclosure and know the allegations

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    3 hours
    • regular fee - $ 90.00


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