Application refused. What now?

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 13:00 PDT   see it in calendar
Steven  Meurrens
Steven Meurrens
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T.D. (Dani) Willetts
T.D. (Dani) Willetts
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  • in English
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LSBC 3 CPD hours available until: 18.11.2022
CICC (ICCRC) 3 CPD hours available until: 11.02.2022



1.    Reapply

a.    Privacy (a must if previous refusal)

b.    Do’s and don’ts of new application

c.     A little case law

2.    Request for reconsideration

a.    When is it reasonable?

b.    CBSA instructions on reconsideration

3.    Appeals

a.    When it is appropriate to appeal

b.    What is being challenged

c.     Grounds for appeal

d.    Other options

4.    Judicial Review

a.    What is it

b.    When is it applicable

c.     What is being challenged

d.    Grounds for Judicial Review

e.    Natural justice/Administrative law

5.    Procedural Fairness letters

a.    When is one normally issued

b.    How to respond

6.    Appeal vs Judicial Review (what’s the difference)

7.    Supreme Court

a.    Baker – a brief review

b.    Vavilov – standard of review


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3 hours
  • regular fee - $ 90.00


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