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Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 15:00 PDT see it in calendar

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LSBC 4 CPD hours

CICC 4 CPD hours


Remax Crest Realty Westside1480 West 7th Avenue
BC V6H 1C1

Capacity: 30





Authority under IRPA/IRPR 

Who is eligible 

Who is not eligible 

Evaluating compelling reasons vs. risks 

General factors to consider 

Validity, Conditions, Re-entry, Cancellation 

New/Subsequent TRPs 

Work/Study Permits 

Dependent Status 

Considerations: Criminal 

Considerations: Medical 


Applications for Criminal Rehabilitation 

Review of eligibility requirements in IRPA/IRPR 

Serious criminality vs. criminality 

Is your client deemed rehabilitated

Applying the Saini test using foreign legislation to your clients benefit 

Comparison of Canadian & foreign statutes do you need a legal opinion from an expert in criminal law? 

Factors that are considered in applications for rehabilitation  

Gathering necessary supporting documents 

Completing the application form & writing a compelling submission 

Submitting the application does it accompany another application or is it being submitted on its own? 

When to apply for an opinion on Rehabilitation



4 hours

regular fee - $ 120.00

No CPD - 50% discount





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