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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 09:00 EDT see it in calendar

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LSO 0.5 Professionalism

LSBC 6 CPD hours

CICC 6 CPD hours


Hart House, University of Toronto7 Hart House Circle
M5S 3H3

Parking: $ 15 per day. Credit card or coins. Pay at the pay machine. Short walk from TTC.


Express entry - eligibility, admissibility and immigration programs


•  Eligibility to the Federal Economic Programs for Skilled Workers
o  Assessment before creating a profile (what are you assessing for? Need to know all available immigration categories, including PNP options)
o  Ethics: How much is too much before you accept a case?
         Client’s claim vs. reality
         Short timelines to submit the application after ITA
         Unpredictable situations if not verified upfront
o  Admissibility check – PA and every family member
    •  Express Entry as an Electronic Management system

o  Terminology (applying for permanent residence under EE category)
o  Understanding the concept
o  Mastering the technology, process and procedures
    •  Who can use Express Entry?
    •  Uploading an Express Entry profile
    •  Educational Credential Assessments
    •  Accepted language tests
    •  The Comprehensive Ranking System

o  Changes as of December 19
    •  Arranged employment under Express Entry
    •  An overview of the Express Entry draws
    •  Tips for practitioners on uploading an Express Entry profile
    •  Lessons: the good and bad about Express Entry
    •  Maximizing a client’s CRS score
    •  Provincial Express Entry streams

•  Ethical considerations:
   o  dilemmas when declaring information on Express Entry and using the representative portal
   o  managing clients’ expectations
         explanation of the system (immediate changes to the qualifications, process and procedures not in the representatives’ control
   o  honesty and candour – overpromising, contingency payments, promised timeline
   o  knowing one’s limitations – co-counsel, mentor, referral
   o  danger of misrepresentation – what is material fact?


6 hours

regular fee - $ 180.00




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