Seminar ID

ION-2018-12-07 Plus

Date and time

Friday, December 7, 2018 at 13:30 EST see it in calendar

  • recording
  • in English
CPD hours

CICC 9 CPD hours

LSBC 9 CPD hours


Delta Marriott Hotel655 Dixon Road
Toronto, ON
M9W 1J3

Capacity: 60


Bonus 2-hr seminar on parental sponsorship presented by Ekaterina Mdivani - December 6, 2018, 14:00 EST, PACE Law firm - even if you register in person for the two events, the 2-hr seminar is sold out in person and you will be switched to webinar attendance!

1. Brief overview
2. Eligibility - Sponsors and co-signers
3. Income
- What is considered income/ what is not
- Calculating the required amount
4. What is the Undertaking
5. Sponsor’s responsibilities
6. Consequences of signing the undertaking by co-signers
7. Assessing Eligibility/Admissibility - Applicants
8. IRCC Application processing
9. Addressing /dealing pitfalls:
- Potential /known medical or other inadmissibility of a parent/grandparent
- Death of one parent/grandparent during processing
- Parents/grandparents divorce
- Not meeting income requirements (financial test) or other requirements by a sponsor
10. Dealing with refusals


Goodbye, 2018

French mobility program
Explanation of the special provisions for Francophone foreign nationals that allow them to apply for a work permit without obtaining the LMIA

Dual intent
Dual intent is a legal concept in the IRPA and this seminar will explain how to use it and how to support the dual intent claim

Biometrics and eTA
Explanation of the two new concepts in immigration legislation, impact on clients and our practice

Privacy, confidentiality and privileged information
Detailed analysis of the concepts of privacy, confidentiality and privileged information and how it applies to clients and practitioners

Marijuana – criminal or not?
Effect of the changes in the criminal code on future immigrants, permanent residents and their family dependants

Roundtable panel: Illegal or irregular? The state of affairs
Discussion about the current state of affairs of the irregular movement of refugees to Canada, trends and possible solutions, options for clients and how to advise them without advising to misrepresentation

Business immigration in Canada
Overview of all immigration options for investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed immigrants

Implied status
What is implied status, what does it mean and how to interpret the legislation, policies and rules

Advice or coaching?
How to maintain the integrity of our services while preparing a client for an interview at the IAD

Temporary resident permit - short term regularization
How to obtain a short term TRP when client is criminally inadmissible, what documents to submit, where to apply


9 hours

regular fee - $ 200.00




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