My application is sent. What happens now?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 15:00 PDT   see it in calendar
T.D. (Dani) Willetts
T.D. (Dani) Willetts
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CICC (ICCRC) 2 CPD hours - Validity of the recording expired on: 18.01.2018
LSBC 2 CPD hours available until: 23.10.2024

Inner workings of IRCC once an application is submitted
• Who sees the application first?
• Key person / Key department to reach in case of refusals or priority treatment depending on application types
• How processing and the visa office is chosen in each case and the success rates and challenges using both methods.
• How to solve problems with applications, refusals wrongly made, documents not received etc. Who to go to besides CSE, how to approach the matter to get case reviewed, etc.
• Sending what where (go to border? submit online? submit to visa office? Inside or outside Canada?)
• What do you do if one your files is unduly delayed?
• What is the role of the Program Manager within the immigration office?
• How to communicate with CIC

Immigration 101
• Flag poling – when, who, how?
• Entry visa vs. temporary resident status (visitor record, work permit, study permit)
• Immigration categories vs Express entry management system
• Applying online vs. paper application
• Using VAC – or not
• Implied status – principles, issues, concerns – preserved vs. lost rights
• Perfected application – complete application


Capacity: 100
2 hours
  • regular fee - $ 50.00


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