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Samuel D.  Hyman
Samuel D. Hyman
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Ron E. McKay
Ron E. McKay
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Permanent Residency Obligations & Citizenship Applications

Permanent Residents

• PR visa and “landing” date
• Process of landing & settler’s effects
• PR cards, Travel Documents and entry through a Land border crossing
• Maintaining Permanent Residence
   o Relevant sections of the IRPA and IRPR
   o Calculation of days
   o Definition of “rolling” calculation
   o PR card renewals
   o A44 reports on inadmissibility due to not meeting residency obligations
       Immigration Division Hearing
       Right of Appeal
       Humanitarian & Compassionate Considerations
• Exceptions
   o Accompanying Canadian citizen spouse
   o Working for a Canadian company
       Definition of a Canadian company (recent caselaw)
• Surrendering PR status


• Citizenship Act & Regulations
• Changes to citizenship rules for application in 2009
• Eligibility
   o Calculation
   o New language criteria
• Application
   o Forms required
   o Supporting Documents
   o Minor Children
       Adoption
       Hague Convention
   o Where to apply
• Processing
   o Current average times
   o Referred to a citizenship judge
   o Citizenship test
   o Ceremony & Oath
• Renunciation of Citizenship
• Resumption of Citizenship
• Loss of Citizenship
   o Causes
• Summarizing and assessing the prohibitions on citizenship (as distinguished from meeting the residency obligation)
   o Summary offences
   o Indictable offences
o Hybrid offences
o Periods not counted as residence – Citizenship Act, S21
o Assessing Section 22 prohibitions and considerations three years before the application and the Applicant’s current status
o Persons found Not Guilty by reason of insanity under Section 16 of the CCC
o Young Offenders

SFU Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
V6B 5K3
3 hours
  • regular fee - $ 90.00


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