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Monday, June 24, 2019 at 18:30 MDT see it in calendar

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CICC 3 CPD hours
Expiry date: 8-6-2022

LSBC 3 CPD hours
Expiry date: 15-12-2022


Central Library800 3 St SE
Alberta T2G 0E7


This seminar covers procedures and evidence required to present a strong TRP case for an applicant with a criminal record who seeks temporary entry to Canada. It covers detailed information to compile, including ordering the court records and police certificates, with a focus on the proactive role of Representatives in preparation of the evidence. A recent typical application for a USA applicant with a DUI record as filed by the Presenter will be used as an example to itemize the types of evidence and documents needed.

PART 1 – Legal Context and Logistics

• Legal provisions: A24; Policies of IRCC; Key concerns on these cases
• Where to file; eTAs and TRPs
• Compelling reasons; policy v. case law
• Forms, procedures, fees, timelines regular/expedited
• Sample scenario – employment
• USA Document Checklist

PART 2 – Ordering police and court records

• Representative’s role
• Police certificates: policies/how to obtain
• Court records required/how to obtain
• Strategy when required records not obtainable

PART 3 – IMM 1444
• Q16 level of detail – sample – supporting documents
• Q18 level of detail – sample – supporting documents

PART 4 – Key Corroborating Documents
• Employer’s letter
• Applicant’s letter
• Reference letters
• Submission letter
• Full list of TRP Package for sample case

PART 5 – References and Discussion
• Review list of References, Case law
• Discussion, Question and Answer Period


3 hours

regular fee - $ 90.00

No CPD - 50% discount





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