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Thursday, October 25, 2018 at 17:00 EST see it in calendar

  • recording
  • in English
CPD hours

LSBC 3 CPD hours

CICC 3 CPD hours


Capacity: 150


Please note that this is a repeated seminar, originally presented on March 6, 2018. While some new material may be discussed, it is basically the same event. Do not order if you attended the March 6 seminar.

1) Legislation, policies

2) Ethical issues
    a. Competency – knowledge of the relevant immigration programs
    b. Honesty and candour with client
    c. Managing client’s expectations
    d. Conflict of interest (if the rep is also representing a college or university)
    e. Advising misrepresentation or omission of material fact

3) Getting to Canada
    a. Finding a program
    b. Getting admission
    c. Obtaining a study permit

4) Maintaining status
    a. Studying or working?
    b. Complying with the terms and conditions of the study permit
    c. Changing schools or programs
    d. Extending the validity of study permit

5) Transition to permanent residence
    a. Post-graduate work permit
    b. Getting the right experience to meet the requirements of the immigration class
    c. Changing employers under the PGWP
    d. Extending the PGWP
    e. Eligibility and admissibility


3 hours

regular fee - $ 90.00

No CPD - 50% discount





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