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Jason (Jay) Cayer
Jason (Jay) Cayer
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Andy Osborne
Andy Osborne
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Meera Thakrar
Meera Thakrar
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Advanced Labour Market Opinion Issues

How to make LMOs “Work” for your Clients
• LMO recruiting requirements and recruitment exemptions
• LMO applications for non-traditional employment situations
• Bulk labour market opinions
• Compliance and enforcement

Criminal inadmissibility in TFW applications

“Little hidden” secrets and how to deal with them
DUIs, Reckless Driving, and convictions for assorted other offences are often the hidden little secrets of many TFWs, including Business Visitors, Professionals and Intra-Company Transferees from the U.S. under NAFTA.
• Conducting business and working in Canada under a special category can be grounds for issuing a TRP to accompany the Work Permit
• How to Assess a TRP Case (A Listing, Discussion and Weighing of Factors, For and Against)
• Consideration of tangible benefits to the Canadian employer or business
• Anatomy of a (compelling) Submission Letter for a TRP
• Supporting documents, including police records, court dockets, letters of reference, etc
• Use of the IMM 1444 Application for Rehab, for a TRP application
• Protocols for Submission Letters and applying for a TRP; acknowledging Officer's discretion in the matter
• Two or three sample Case Studies (briefly)
• Comparing the elements of an offence when a conviction may not equate, including Case Study.

SFU Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street
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3 hours
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