When everything else fails

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 18:00 PDT   see it in calendar
Catherine Sas
Catherine Sas
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Lorne Waldman
Lorne Waldman
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When everything else fails...

What is an H&C application?
When is it appropriate to make this type of application?

Overview of new rules re eligibility to make an H&C application – A25.1 and A25.2
A25 – Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink

• Elements of the Application
o Client’s Statement
o Submission letter
o Supporting evidence
o Use of case law
• To do or not to do: how do you know you have a case
• Using H&C factors in other applications
• Practice tips

How to get your client back into Canada

Authorizations to Return to Canada
• Who needs one?
• Discussion of the appropriate section(s) of IRPA and IRPR – A52.1, R224(2), R225(1) & (3), R 226
• Requirements, i.e. Certificate of Departure, reimbursement of departure flights
• Where to apply?
   o  Port of Entry vs. Visa office
• Limited delegate authority
• If caught trying to enter without an ARC
• Assessment Factors
   o Severity of violation
   o Applicant’s history
   o Reason for request
• Application Procedure
   o Forms
   o Costs
   o Timelines
• Practice Tips

Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Salon B
580 West Hastings St.
V6B 1L6

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