Elsy Jacob, RCIC

Elsy Jacob, RCIC
Elsy Jacob, RCIC
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Elsy Jacob, MSW, RCIC & Commissioner of Affidavits and Oaths

Prof. Elsy Jacob, is a Canadian Citizen, and is licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. She is a Legal Professional and has worked in Legal field and immigration field for over 20 years. She has helped many Families come and settle in Canada.

Professor Elsy Jacob is also a Commissioner of affidavits and oaths in Canada, licensed under the Law Society. She has taught Legal Courses in Canadian Colleges, including Law clerk diploma, CSW, Immigration Consultant Diploma(IPP) and Paralegal courses for over a decade and hence is a strong advocate of Ethics and Professional Practice and Training.

She has been a support system for new legal professionals and helped them commence their legal practice.

Professor Elsy Jacob also coaches new consultants and makes them understand the value of ethical practice in immigration law. She has helped many Consultants draft Contracts, prepare for various licensing exams and coached them to pass in both Legal Licensing exams and English Language courses. Besides her masters degree she also has a TESOL from Canada and a Hon. Doctorate in HRM from U.S.A.

Her experience in legal, teaching and immigration services for more than 20 years with many success stories is commendable.