Smooth sailing for international students (formerly Crystal ball and much more

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 10:00 PDT   see it in calendar
Richard Kurland
Richard Kurland
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Ron E. McKay
Ron E. McKay
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Dave Sage
Dave Sage
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T.D. (Dani) Willetts
T.D. (Dani) Willetts
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  • in English
CPD hours
LSBC 4 CPD hours available until: 13.11.2022
CICC (ICCRC) 4 CPD hours available until: 27.01.2022
Barreau du Québec 6 CPD hours - Validity of the recording expired on: 14.11.2018

Crystal ball with Richard Kurland and Ron McKay
International students with Will Tao, Dave Sage and Dani Willetts

Crystal ball (2 hours)

Richard Kurland:
• What to expect in 2019 – possible changes in the legislation and processes, evaluation of the effect of past changes

Ron McKay:
• Program Directive Initiatives for the last six months
• Parents/Grandparents
• Biometrics
• Citizenship – where do we go?

Smooth sailing for international students (4 hours)

Recruitment/application – Dave Sage
• Choosing a school/Program
• Finding clients
• Visa/Non-Visa countries
• Laying the groundwork for yes
• Finances – dos and don’ts
• Dual intent – how to use it
• Prepping for client interview
• Sub (special) streams (SDS/IELTS 6+/GICs)
• Trends (stats)

Study Permit/Post Grad – Will Tao
• Choosing a program (post-grad)
• Actively pursuing studies
• Breaks in studies
• Accelerated programs
• Transferring institutions
• Post Grad – time frames
• Off/On campus work
• Consequence of non-compliance

Paths to PR – Dani Willetts
• Express Entry
• Thinking outside the box
• Combining programs
• Implied status
• Spouses and minor children

British Columbia Institute of Technology
555 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3H6

Capacity: 50
6 hours
  • regular fee - $ 150.00


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