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Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 18:00 MDT see it in calendar

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LSBC 4 CPD hours

CICC 4 CPD hours


Scenic Acres Community Centre8825 Scurfield Drive NW
Alberta T3L 2A8

Capacity: 15


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This event consists of two seminars that are separately accredited by ICCRC and is worth 4 CPD hours.

Permanent residency - obligations and exemptions

Residency requirements and obligations are established for each five-year period after the granting of permanent residency status. There are rules and criteria for establishing and determining compliance with the residency obligation. This includes calculating days of physical presence in Canada to determine compliance. This seminar will focus on the permanent residency status document, who should apply or renew the status document, the reasons why determinations of permanent residency status are required and what is taken into consideration, what an applicant needs to do once the residency obligation has been met, what to do when an applicant has lost their permanent residency status, what to do when an applicant has relinquished their status, and when to apply for a permanent resident travel document.

Undeclared family members - the H&C case

Spouses and children of a permanent resident applicant who were not declared before landing are permanently precluded from being sponsored as members of the family class. An application on humanitarian and compassionate grounds can be submitted; however, the bar is quite high to have these cases approved. This seminar focusses mainly on the evidentiary aspects of a successful H&C application in the context of R117(9)(d) for undeclared family members to enable practitioners to thoroughly assess the case upfront, focus on key considerations and develop the evidentiary material needed to support these cases.


4 hours

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